Yonas – The Transition 2

Yonas delivers 11 incredible songs through his new mixtape, ‘The Transition 2‘. Words can not describe this mixtape. Yonas has come so far with countless mixtapes and Albums. Exactly one year ago, that being last Summer he released ‘The Transition’ as an album and this past winter he released ‘The Black Canvas’ which he has sadly taken down. ‘The Transition 2’ is jam packed with classic Yonas songs. If you dont know what that means well then, you’ll just have to give it a listen! There are a couple songs in here that he has already released but the majority are new ones. Some songs that you CAN NOT miss are ‘Girls Of Summer‘, ‘Leaving You‘, ‘Roller Coaster‘, ‘Feel the Love‘ and ‘In the Night‘. I reccomend listening to each and every song though. Yonas delivers like no other artist out there separating him from the rest. I am extremely surprised he has not hit the mainstream crowd yet. If you couldnt tell be now Yonas is by far my favorite Hip Hop artist. Another reason why he is one of my favorites is because he always gives out a free download. I don’t understand how he is able to, but he does. Summer isn’t Summer without some Yonas. Enjoy!!!

Free Download: Yonas – The Transition 2

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